My work is about maintaining and executing meditative situations. The main area of work is painting; however, I often use different mediums if needed in a circumstance. It is an interaction between reality, fiction, and nature. Making a story without narrative by using paintings, drawings, and videos is an improvisation. Works capture the uncanny moment of the present time and demolish the things that remained in the past. When information is doubtful, filtering the dust of thoughts is extremely important. It is a way to elude from total control. 

I try to place myself to fill up with stones, vegetables, sun, public spaces, my room, and the sea, with a little empathy. Banality encourages acceptance of things that have lived in utterly different worlds into one house. It does not suggest that one object is becoming or identifying with the other object. There is no individual self. I can only become myself when I abandon my sense of self. It brings a mystery that is surreal, but plausible.

Everything works without an intention; I breathe even though I did not think of breathing. My works are only confronting the fate that they have just met. I have to keep a certain distance. The occurrences of artworks are poetic and soft. It is being transferred to an audience gradually, not a drastic way. Poetry is an image with sensibility and emptiness. It is silent.